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This course is the online compendium to the in-person experience. You will be automatically enrolled in the in-person on March 3rd, 2024 at Healthwise Physiotherapy in Orangeville. Timing and details to come!

Runners can be one of the most fun and rewarding populations to work with, but also one of the trickiest because of the many variables involved, as well as conflicting research and opinions. 

Research has shown that runners report better experiences with their care providers and have better outcomes when their practitioner has advanced knowledge of treating running related injuries (RRI’s). While “traditional” physiotherapy can be effective in helping these patients, a deeper understanding of the pathology in light of the demands of running is paramount to building consistently effective treatment plans. In addition, having the knowledge to provide patients with an appropriate return to run program will greatly decrease the likelihood that they will experience re-injury during this crucial phase of injury rehabilitation. 

The purpose of this course is to provide you with: 

  • A practical, evidence-based framework that will teach you how to quickly determine the most likely cause of a running injury
  • How to complete a thorough gait analysis and how to use real-time cues to decrease pain and improve running economy
  • What types of shoes to recommend to runners of all abilities and why
  • Best practices for treating common running problems
  • How to build basic coaching plans to get your runners 100% back to their goals (and then some!)

This online course contains plenty of patient resources including 5k and 10k return to run plans. We guarantee that you will complete this course with the ability to take any runner from injury to starting line, no matter the goal.

It is our hope that you can use this knowledge to build your personal brand and your patient following at your clinic by becoming the go-to Running Physio in your community! 

The instructors
Lauren Roberts
Registered Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner
Clinic Founder and Physiotherapist, Lauren is in a full-time teaching and management role at the clinic and no longer treating patients. As a runner for over 15 years. In the past, Lauren competed heavily in triathlons and had the opportunity to race on the world stage in 2015 at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Austria. She has been racing half marathons and marathons for many years, including the Boston Marathon in 2018. She avidly practices yoga, meditation and mindfulness and truly believes in cultivating a healthy and happy mind-body connection, especially when dealing with injury. Lauren developed the Real Running Course for Clinicians in 2020 and the Kids Running Course in collaboration with Kids Physio Group in 2022. Her goal in creating The Running Physio is to promote a clinic culture that is welcoming and inclusive to people of all abilities, as well as provide a stimulating, engaging and fun work environment for the team where everyone can continually develop fresh skills and ultimately find satisfaction in their career. Looking to connect? Reach out at
Course Material included in this course
  • WELCOME! Free
  • Welcome to Real Running
  • Course Description
  • Course Outline and Lesson Plan
  • About Your Instructor Lauren Roberts
  • Framework Foundations
  • Cornerstone 1: Objective Testing
  • Cornerstone 2: Gait Analysis - Part 1
  • Cornerstone 2: Gait Analysis - Part 2
  • Cornerstone 3: Lifestyle and Plan
  • Case Study 1 - Integrating the Cornerstones
  • Mini Case Studies - Gait Analysis Extra Practice
  • Common Pathologies: Part 1
  • Common Pathologies - Part 2
  • Intro to Coaching Basics
  • Yellow Light Zone - Patient Handout
  • Yellow Light Zone - Poster Size
  • The Three Cornerstones - Patient Handout
  • Return to Run - 5k Plan Patient Handout
  • Return to Run - 10k Plan Patient Handout
  • Certificate of Completion (For CEU's)
  • References
  • PDF's of Slides
  • Framework Foundation
  • Cornerstone 1: Objective Testing
  • Cornerstone 2: Gait Analysis (Part 1)
  • Cornerstone 2: Gait Analysis (Part 2)
  • Cornerstone 3: Lifestyle and Plan
  • Case Study
  • Common Pathologies Part 1
  • Common Pathologies Part 2
  • Intro to Coaching Basics
  • Thank you for helping us improve - 4 quick questions!